Get More From Instagram

Written by
David Albanese

Get More From Instagram

Written by
David Albanese

Get More From Instagram

Written by
David Albanese

Think of your real estate Instagram account like a portfolio and a lead generator all in one.

Now, do you see why it’s such a big deal?

Instagram can be a powerful way to increase your engagement numbers thanks to the highly visual nature of the platform and its user-friendliness.

Home buyers, sellers, and other real estate agents can view the types of listings you represent, learn what areas you specialize in, and stay on top of your upcoming events all from their social feed.

We have tested and used several automated bots the best and easiest to use with the most results has been Somiibo

Agent Lead Club - Somiibo

Somiibo has by far been the easiest tool we have tested with.

Let us discuss the tools Somiibo has to offer

Photo By: Agent Lead Club

With Somiibo you can stay relevant to your local community by automating your social media presence using hashtags to engage with potential prospects.

For example my name is David Albanese I am a local Real Estate Broker in Ventura County, CA my hashtag targeting list would look a little something like this
(#onxard, #newlisting, #engaged, #topperspizza, #newhomeowner, #firstimebuyer) now with these hashtags you can get an idea I am using local restaurants possible life events etc.

If you want to fully master your online presence in your local community don't settle for one source become a marketing ninja in your local community sign up and subscribe to Agent Lead Club.

Click here to subscribe to Agent Lead Club.

Targeting: This is where you will ad your hashtags these hashtags will help you automate which photos you would like to engage with. Think of local restaurants in your area think places and events that people visit in your area, this will allow you to connect with new people and generate prospects which then in the future are more likely to become your clients.

Actions: This will allow you to adjust the relevancy of how many people you want to either follow or like based on the list of searches the system will generate for you.

Let us help you get set up with Somiibo send us your email to receive a detailed video step by step: CLICK HERE!


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