How to use Facebook for your open house!

How to use Facebook for your open house!

How to use Facebook for your open house!

Learn how Facebook and your open house all come together to help you generate some leads!

There are many ways to use Facebook for your open house. Inthis article we will discuss how to create an event for your open house, thatyour friends and family can share to help you get more people to show up.


From your Facebook business page head on over to the threelittle dots and click “CREATE EVENT”

Click "create event"
Once you select "Create Event" it will open up a new pop up where you can enter your open house information

Facebook allows you to enter the date and time as well asduration of the event. For example

“Event Name” is where you would put “OPEN HOUSE!” and in thelocation field you would put your property address. And if you plan on having multipleopen houses you can set the schedule on the selected days of your choice.

Here is an example of how your "Event" post will look like for your open house.

What's Next?

Once you finish setting up your event we suggest that you share it with your local groups, share it with your friends and family as well. Keep in mind it is important that you post about a week in advance this will give you enough time to share it and more people are likely to see it and click "interested" this will tell Facebook to remind them on the day of your openhouse.  

Stay tuned for our next post on how to capture leads from your open house using Facebook!


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