Importance of Closing Gifts and Choosing The Best One

Importance of Closing Gifts and Choosing The Best One

Importance of Closing Gifts and Choosing The Best One

Once you have closed a deal with your client, exchanging of personal gratitude is always in line. But what happens after that? One unique tradition in the real estate is the giving of closing gifts. Although not all agents participate in this kind of tradition, many find it very essential in every transaction.

The truth is, closing gifts are not necessary but they are very beneficial

Primarily, closing gifts have become the ultimate expressions of agents’ sincerest gratitude and appreciation. While some agents believe that these can be shown by simply saying it personally, others, however, find it more appropriate and personal if expressed through gifts.

Gifts can be in any form which is why your clients will always remember you and the things you did for them. Accordingly, this leads to the second point – why these are essential in any transaction. Apparently, closing gifts are subtle ways for you to get future leads and prospects. Well, granting the fact that these gifts can lead you to your next clients, most agents are far more concerned on the first point of benefit – that is to express fully their sincerest appreciation and gratitude.

Choosing the perfect closing gift is quite challenging

There are quite plenty of choices when it comes to choosing closing gifts. However, there is a great deal of difficulty when choosing which one is the most appropriate of all. There are agents who give same or similar closing gifts for every client. On the other hand, there are agents who choose to give a more personalized and carefully-thought closing gifts.

Nevertheless, whichever gift you prefer to give, make sure that you are giving the same significance to every client. In finding the perfect one, there are two key factors to remember:

  • Make It Personal

Whether you have it customized or not, giving a personal-related gift is likely to be much more pleasing than any other gifts. Transacting with a client may take months and the connection that has been built between you and your clients are essential. During these times, there are surely conversations that will give you enough ideas on what catches your client’s attention and interest.

It is important to note that adding a personal touch on your closing gifts will largely make your clients feel that you are genuinely listening to what they are telling you.

  • Make It Practical

Practicality, especially to new homeowners, is very essential. Closing gifts such as gift cards and certificates to home improvement and appliances stores are certainly fitting in this category. These types of gifts are most of the time much appreciated by homeowners who wanted to give their new space a new sense of appearance and style.

By giving such gifts, your clients would feel that you are still thinking of their future endeavors even after doing businesses with them.

In totality, closing gifts are in one way or another, vital. They are not necessarily commitments but rather investments. It is just a small gesture that will make your clients feel important. Furthermore, you will always be remembered for this kind of gesture. There is a huge possibility that the next time they need a new property, or someone in their family and acquaintance might need a real estate assistance, you will get the first call.


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